Cisco Catalyzes the Harambean Human Network

On today’s episode we feature Tae Yoo, Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Cisco and Mary de Wysocki, Senior Director of Corporate Affairs at Cisco. Cisco strives to inspire, connect, and invest in global problem solvers to catalyze an entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports progress and inclusive growth – as such, Cisco has established the Harambeans Prosperity Fund – a rule-based, co-investment fund which enables Harambe to invest in high-performing Harambeans and drive Africa’s prosperity.

Yoo and de Wysocki reflect on the missed opportunities engendered by the lack of early-stage investments in Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and Cisco’s attempts to bridget this gap through its partnership with Harambeans, giving early stage entrepreneurs a chance to suceed.

The Harambeans at Work podcast series, explores the development of Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem to enable innovation and scale. This series aims to democratize key insights in order to empower ordinary Africans to do extraordinary things.

This podcast has been brought to you by Harambeans in partnership with Youngpreneur Media.

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