CRE Venture & Harambeans Building Africa’s Future

Photo: Pardon Makumbe

In today’s episode, we feature venture capitalist, Pardon Makumbe, the co-founder of CRE Venture Capital. CRE partners with visionary entrepreneurs who are building category-defining tech companies in Africa. They leverage their capital, relationships and experience to position the teams they work with for outsized success.

Makumbe reflects on the power of young entrepreneurs to shape Africa and to see it differently and the value of Harambe as a community for African entrepreneurs. As a loyal supporter, mentor and investor in several Harambean-led ventures, Makumbe has seen these businesses not only grow exponentially but also reap the benefits of being involved in an active community in Africa.

The Harambeans at Work podcast series explores the development of Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem to enable innovation and scale. This series aims to democratise key insights in order to empower ordinary Africans to do extraordinary things.

This podcast has been brought to you by Harambeans.

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