Harambean Tradition & Culture

Over the last two decades our Alliance has weaved a tapestry of cherished traditions to strengthen the bonds of collaboration between Harambeans and Guilds. Kindly acquaint yourself with our traditions as we endeavor “to work together as one” to build Africa’s future.


  • The Harambean Rose, Thorn, and Bud tradition is a practice where participants share a personal or professional victory (Rose), a challenge or difficulty (Thorn), and an emerging opportunity (Bud). It typically takes place during a shared meal or gathering, providing a structured format for individuals to express and reflect on their experiences. The tradition fosters a sense of community, empathy, and connection among participants as they engage in open and meaningful conversations about their lives and desired impact.



  • The Harambe Passion & Service tradition is practiced during formal gatherings within the Alliance. It involves initiating conversations by asking two questions:
    • “What is your passion?”
    • “How can I be of service?”
  • This tradition encourages meaningful connections by focusing on shared interests and fostering a spirit of support and generosity. As a courtesy to all guests, attendees should avoid the trite ‘what do you do?’



  • Perhaps one of the most distinctive traits of our Alliance is the penchant of Harambeans to refer to each other by their Last Names, as a perennial reminder of the professional nature of their commitment to Africa. During formal gatherings, Harambeans observe this tradition by referring to each other by their Last Names. Guilds opt into this tradition at will.



  • Each year incoming Harambeans sign the Harambean Declaration, officially acceding to our Alliance and pledging to “work together as one ” to build Africa’s future. As a reminder of our collective commitment to Africa, in all formal gatherings Harambeans and Guilds recite the closing line of Harambe Bretton Woods Declaration: “We will check our road and the nature of our battle. Yet in the end, the Africa our generation desires can be won, it exists, it is real, it is possible, it is ours.”



  • A defining characteristic of our Alliance is an ever-present sense of gratitude. Harambeans simply believe that gratitude transforms common days into thanksgiving, routine into joy, the ordinary into blessings. To express our collective gratitude to those who choose to support our Alliance, we say in unison “On behalf of a grateful Alliance, we say THANK YOU.”



  • Donned over heart, the Harambean Aegis is a lapel pin that serves as the outward manifestation of the solemn commitment every signatory of the Harambean Declaration makes “to work together as one to pursue the social, political and economic development of Africa.” The different colors signal the specific affiliation to the Alliance.
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