Harambeans Members Lounge Support

As our Alliance strives to find better was to serve you, we are pleased to share our revamped website, www.harambeans.com, which includes an exclusive Members Lounge filled with useful tools and resources. 

Features to Note:

  • Network Map: Search for Harambeans, ventures, investors, and more to uncover insights into the Alliance.
  • Harambeans & Guild Directory: Find and connect with Harambeans & Guilds in your region and across the world.
  • Book Office Hours: Schedule 1-on-1 sessions with Alliance leaders and Harambeans-in-Residence around venture support and advice.
  • Knowledge Transfer Session Library: Revisit recordings of empowering sessions led by Harambeans and experts.
  • H-Advantage: Explore resources and perks only available to Harambeans.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you cannot log in to the Members Lounge, register here and you will be approved after an internal review. 

Visit the Password Reset page and follow the instructions provided. 

If the issue still persists, email liaison@harambeans.com with any further inquiry.

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