Each year African innovators sign the Harambe Declaration in the historic Gold Room of the Mount Washington Hotel, thereby pledging “to work together as one to pursue the social, political and economic development of our continent ”. In this spirit, Gold Room Briefings chronicles the progress of our collective endeavor to build Africa’s future.
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In partnership with Oppenheimer Generations Philanthropies the Alliance launched the Harambean Oppenheimer Fellowship , a 12-month program that supported the founders of Fineazy, LÜLA, Airgiftr and 3DIMO. The Inaugural cohort of Oppenheimer Fellows met and learned from serial entrepreneurs and global experts in the Alliance across the globe to receive support across four key strategic areas – capital, talent, strategic partnerships and leadership in order to accelerate the growth of their early-stage ventures.
Smile 90.4FM interviewed Mr. Okendo Lewis-Gayle, founder of Harambeans and Ms. Arlene Mulder H'21, co-founder of BiB, Africa's first audio library app preserving the continent's heritage through digital storytelling.
Channel Africa helped us welcome the 14th class of Harambeans with an interview of Mr. Giancarlo Beukes H'21, co-founder of Impulse Biomedical. Mr. Beukes is one of 30 new Harambeans selected from a pool of over 4900 applicants who have collectively raised over $130 million to scale their ventures across Africa.


The Harambean community gathered at the Vatican in September for its fifth biennial forum to reaffirm its pledge to work together as one to build Africa’s future. The event brought together Harambeans and Guilds, the network of investors, experts and founding partners that make up the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance. The three-day gathering included a blessing for Harambeans in the Vatican Gardens and a thanksgiving dinner at the Pope’s summer residence.
Yoo and de Wysocki reflect on the missed opportunities engendered by the lack of early-stage investments in Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and Cisco’s attempts to bridget this gap through its partnership with Harambeans, giving early stage entrepreneurs a chance to succeed.
Irene Pritzker, President and CEO of the IDP Foundation, through a partnership with the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance, has helped African innovators secure more than $8 million from investors to scale their start-up ventures.
Jeremy Johnson and his co-founders at Andela understood that talent was equally distributed, and questioned why opportunity was not. He expounds on the principles of entrepreneurship that allow for true innovation and growth highlighting that most paramount to any startup journey is the non-existence of a blueprint.
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