Each year African innovators sign the Harambe Declaration in the historic Gold Room of the Mount Washington Hotel, thereby pledging “to work together as one to pursue the social, political and economic development of our continent ”. In this spirit, Gold Room Briefings chronicles the progress of our collective endeavor to build Africa’s future.

CRE Venture & Harambeans Building Africa’s Future

In today’s episode, we feature venture capitalist, Pardon Makumbe, the co-founder of CRE Venture Capital. CRE partners with visionary entrepreneurs who are building category-defining tech companies in Africa. They leverage their capital, relationships and experience to position the teams they work with for outsized success.

Harambeans & Sue Beaumont Feb 14, 2020

Harambeans Prosperity Fund Co-invests $200,000 in Harambean-founded ventures alongside YCombinator, Yamaha and Breakthrough Energy Ventures

On September 14, 2019, Harambeans Founder, Okendo Lewis-Gayle, revealed at the Vatican that MAX and Releaf Group were the two inaugural co-investments of the Harambeans Prosperity Fund. Alongside YCombinator, Yamaha and Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Harambeans Prosperity Fund invested $100,000 into each Harambean-led startup. Seeded by Cisco, with a multimillion dollar gift, the Harambeans Prosperity Fund is a rules-based co-investment vehicle, which aims to accelerate the growth of Harambean-led ventures, build a coalition of like-minded investors and secure the long-term financial viability of the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance. 

Harambeans & Sue Beaumont Dec 6, 2019

JCDecaux Celebrates Hopeful Narrative on Africa at the Vatican

The African continent and its people are typically portrayed through the conflict, poverty and disease that millions of its people experience.  In September, thanks to JCDecaux, residents and tourists in the Eternal City of Rome had the opportunity to experience an alternative narrative – that of highly competitive African entrepreneurs on a mission to change Africa’s fortunes through their innovative business ventures.

Harambeans & Sue Beaumont Dec 3, 2019

Vatican Radio Interview of Harambeans Founder, Okendo Lewis-Gayle

The Harambean community gathered at the Vatican in September for its fifth biennial forum to reaffirm its pledge to work together as one to build Africa’s future. Vatican Radio released a special on the event featuring an interview of Harambeans Founder, Okendo Lewis-Gayle, and a greeting to the Harambeans by Pope Francis.

Harambeans & Sue Beaumont Nov 25, 2019

Karen Dillon: Top 4 Lessons of Market-Creating Innovators

Market-creating innovations develop new growth engines for companies and create entirely new industries upon which economies can build and thrive. They transform complex and expensive products into simple and more affordable products, making them accessible to a whole new segment of people in a society who have not been able to buy a product or service simply because it was not affordable or accessible to them. Market-creating innovators find a way to change that and in the process, create new markets. They represent the best version of capitalism: both consumers and companies win.

Karen Dillon Nov 13, 2019

Harambeans are Driving Market-Creating Innovations Across Africa

“Serious people laughed at me when I told them I wanted to build a telecommunications network in Africa twenty years ago. They told me all the reasons the project would never succeed,” Mo Ibrahim recalls of the reaction he got when he shared his plans to build a pan-African mobile phone company 20 years ago. “Somehow I just kept thinking, I know there are challenges but why can’t they see the opportunity?”

Karen Dillon Nov 12, 2019

Oppenheimer Generations Philanthropy partners with the Alliance at the Vatican to launch Harambeans Global Summit in South Africa

Jonathan Oppenheimer, Executive Chairman of Oppenheimer Generations, announced a partnership with the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance during the fifth biennial Harambeans Rome Forum held at the Vatican in September. Oppenheimer Generations represents the global interests of Nicky and Jonathan Oppenheimer.

Harambeans & Sue Beaumont Oct 17, 2019

Africa’s leading innovators and investors share best practices at the Harambeans Vatican Forum and receive special greeting from Pope Francis

The Harambean community gathered at the Vatican in September for its fifth biennial forum to reaffirm its pledge to work together as one to build Africa’s future. The event brought together Harambeans and Guilds, the network of investors, experts and founding partners that make up the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance. The three-day gathering included a blessing for Harambeans in the Vatican Gardens and a thanksgiving dinner at the Pope’s summer residence.

Harambeans & Sue Beaumont Oct 10, 2019

Cisco Catalyzes the Harambean Human Network

Yoo and de Wysocki reflect on the missed opportunities engendered by the lack of early-stage investments in Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and Cisco’s attempts to bridget this gap through its partnership with Harambeans, giving early stage entrepreneurs a chance to suceed.

Harambeans & Sue Beaumont Oct 8, 2019

Irene Pritzker enables African innovators to raise over $8 million.

Irene Pritzker, President and CEO of the IDP Foundation, through a partnership with the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance, has helped African innovators secure more than $8 million from investors to scale their start-up ventures.

Harambeans & Sue Beaumont Sep 6, 2019

Pioneering Principles for Innovation and Scale

Jeremy Johnson and his co-founders at Andela understood that talent was equally distributed, and questioned why opportunity was not. He expounds on the principles of entrepreneurship that allow for true innovation and growth highlighting that most paramount to any startup journey is the non-existence of a blueprint.

Matthias Reichwald Jun 24, 2019

Building Africa’s Future: Welcoming the 12th Class of Harambeans

Learn about the 2019 class of Harambeans, who have reaffirmed our pledge “to work together as one to pursue the social, political and economic development of Africa and fulfill the dream of our generation.”

Okendo Lewis Gayle & Jasmine Cabanaw Apr 7, 2019

Bretton Woods: Increasing Trust Among Africa’s Leading Innovators

Learn how trust enables Harambeans and our investors to share risks and work together across geographical borders, time zones, and cultural barriers.

Okendo Lewis Gayle & Jasmine Cabanaw Mar 28, 2019

Declared Values in Action: Servant Leadership, Deliberate Audacity, Enduring Optimism

When each new class of Harambeans signs the Declaration in the Gold Room at Bretton Woods, their signatures are merely part of a dream on a piece of paper. Embracing our values and transforming the words of our Declaration into action is what brings it to life.

Okendo Lewis Gayle & Jasmine Cabanaw Mar 15, 2019

4 Ways Harambeans are Solving Climate Change with African Businesses

Of the regions of the world to be hit hardest by climate change, Africa is the largest. Learn how Harambeans are creating solutions.

Okendo Lewis Gayle & Jasmine Cabanaw Mar 1, 2019

Are African Innovators the Key to Africa’s Success? Harambean Efosa Ojomo H’17 Says ‘Yes’

Based on the analysis in The Prosperity Paradox, foreign aid is an outdated model. Learn why African innovators themselves are the key to Africa’s success.

Okendo Lewis Gayle & Jasmine Cabanaw Feb 22, 2019

The Top 10 Questions African Entrepreneurs Should Ask Investors According to Harambeans

African entrepreneurs have been seeing remarkable growth in terms of startup funding, and investment deals. Just last year, funding for African startups quadrupled, while the number of funding deals more than doubled.

Okendo Lewis Gayle & Jasmine Cabanaw Feb 11, 2019

Harambeans: Diverse. Competitive. Impactful.

As determined visionaries, Harambeans are excelling in their various fields, scaling ventures that are not only building Africa’s future, but the world’s.

Matthias Reichwald Feb 13, 2019

Reviving Africa’s Superheroes through Games and Comics

Learn how Harambean Eyram Akofa Tawia seeks to change the representation of African superheroes with Leti Arts, an African business focused on bringing an authentic Africa to a worldwide audience, through meaningful games and digital comics.

Matthias Reichwald Dec 20, 2018

Connecting African Entrepreneurs in Tech to Global Investors

With investment money pouring into the continent, Harambean Haweya Mohamed realized that an organization would be needed to bridge the gap between foreign investors and African entrepreneurs.

Matthias Reichwald Dec 13, 2018